Friday, November 24, 2006


Hiking in a Colorado park sounds peaceful and fun. For Andy Peterson, it was a weekly busman's holiday; he was a park ranger in a nearby park. But the weekly fun hike turned into sheer terror. He was attacked by a mountain lion, for 30 minutes, yet still escaped and lived to tell about it. It took 70 staples just to close his head wounds. Describing the end of the attack, he says "The lion was back for the final kill and there was nothing I was able to do. I again glanced over my right shoulder, expecting to see the demonic visage of my tormentor one final time. Instead, I was given a glimpse of Heaven. The face of the Lord was in plain view where once the lion had been. The canopy thinned and the empty trail lightened. I’m positive this is divine intervention. For the first time since I saw the lion, I felt safe. Or should I say, saved?"

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