Monday, July 19, 2010

Consider this

What have appeared to be the most striking successes have often, if they are not rightly used, brought the most overwhelming disasters in their train, and conversely the most terrible calamities have, if bravely endured, actually turned out to benefit the sufferers. Polybius

Friday, July 16, 2010

First, George Steinbrenner had to make a comeback --

We note the passing of Yankee boss George Steinbrenner, sports legend and pop icon as Costanza's boss in Seinfeld.

But before he became a legend, even Mr. Steinbrenner had to make a comeback. The Cleveland, Ohio native's (said he was the son of "one tough German") first involvement in pro sports was as an owner of the Cleveland Pipers, a short-lived basketball team that went bankrupt.

After that setback, his initiative to buy the Cleveland Indians? Rebuffed. So, now, 2 setbacks and counting. Third time's a charm, they say, and he went to New York with some $10 million and the rest is history.

His mantra was simple: win. For this writer of the comeback blog, that conveys also "never quit." For that tough-as-nails attitude, everyone knew him, and most loved him for it. Not so widely known was his active philanthropic activity, helping others in need, often average Joe's he read about in the newspaper. He didn't seek publicity for these acts.

R.I.P., George Steinbrenner.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks to Willie Jolley --

who hosted us on his XM Satellite Radio program today. To air this weekend.

His fine program airs live on Saturdays from 2-4pm EST and is re-broadcast on Sundays from 7-9am EST. Channel 169 The Power. I had heard Willie on the Tavis Smiley radio program several weeks ago, got in touch to say how much I enjoyed it, one thing led to another, and our friendship was recharged -- on air, for you to hear and enjoy.

In his introduction, Willie called me a "comeback scientist." What a great term -- and if you're human, you need to be a 'comeback scientist', too. It's not a question of whether you'll get knocked down, you will. The question: how will you get back up? In our books and blogs, we tell how, 550 times.....

Also, check out Willie's new book, mentioned below. We need to feed our spirits daily, we need to be "one day better, each day, no more and no less."