Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They rebuild their spirits with classical music

What comes to mind when you mention Venezuela? Hugo Chavez probably, or oil, or baseball? What probably does not come to mind is classical music.

And yet, Venezuela is the home of a music program that’s so extraordinary it has been hailed as the future of classical music itself.

As correspondent Bob Simon first reported in April, it's called "el Sistema" - "the system" - and it’s all about children, about saving them - hundreds of thousands of children - through music.

CBS 60 Minutes tells the story.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Comeback for Nadal

In what's being called the "greatest tennis match ever," Wimbledon finals, today, Sunday, July 06, 2008, it was Roger Federer who thrilled viewers by coming back from two sets down to make the eventual champion Rafael Nadal perform at an unbelievable level for five sets to claim his victory.

The comeback?

Nadal had lost -- to Roger Federer -- in 2007, and 2006. But he kept his eye on his goal, and powered by a legendary work ethic, strong family support and a modest personal mien, he came back to Centre Court to claim his hard-won victory.