Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thanks to Willie Jolley --

who hosted us on his XM Satellite Radio program today. To air this weekend.

His fine program airs live on Saturdays from 2-4pm EST and is re-broadcast on Sundays from 7-9am EST. Channel 169 The Power. I had heard Willie on the Tavis Smiley radio program several weeks ago, got in touch to say how much I enjoyed it, one thing led to another, and our friendship was recharged -- on air, for you to hear and enjoy.

In his introduction, Willie called me a "comeback scientist." What a great term -- and if you're human, you need to be a 'comeback scientist', too. It's not a question of whether you'll get knocked down, you will. The question: how will you get back up? In our books and blogs, we tell how, 550 times.....

Also, check out Willie's new book, mentioned below. We need to feed our spirits daily, we need to be "one day better, each day, no more and no less."

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