Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fired from Ford, Nasser rebounds with Polaroid

How Jacques Nasser and his fellow buyout artists at J.P. Morgan made a killing on Polaroid. Forbes says: Don't fret, Carly Fiorina, there are second acts in the lives of fallen chief executives. Witness Jacques Nasser, Ford Motor's ex-chief. After his ignominious ejection in 2001 Nasser peeled himself off the pavement and joined One Equity Partners, Bank One's private equity unit (now part of J.P. Morgan, which acquired Bank One last year). Nasser earned millions after deftly navigating his firm through an investment in Polaroid, the has-been instant camera company that filed for bankruptcy in 2001. Original post: March, 2005, migrated to new blog today.

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Carol said...

Comeback stories are the greatest inspiration.