Thursday, March 1, 2018

Jon Gruden’s Raiders return: Ready to grind |

Jon Gruden’s Raiders return: Ready to grind |

We wrote about Coach Jon Gruden in Extraordinary Comebacks.  He got fired but instead of feeling sorry for himself, the quintessential football savant created the FFCA, the Fired Football Coaches of America.  Both ironic and productive.  With his encyclopedic knowledgre of the game, honed by near obsessive review of tape, he snagged a huge pay ESPN deal that lasted for many years....and put out his QB Camp half hours there, very entertaining, but in the end it wasn't enough.  Gruden is a competitor, and felt he had to get back in the ring one more time.

He is the new coach of the Oakland Raiders, soon to be Las Vegas Raiders.   His pay package is the biggest ever for his profession.

Superb feature here.  We wish the very down-to-earth, and personable and knowledgeable Jon Gruden great success as he returns home to the Raiders.

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