Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nicki Milin Comeback Story

Nicki Milin thinks Popeye had a brain injury. The telltale signs are
all there. The cartoon sailor’s iconic squint and fixed scowl. The way
he talked. (“I yam what I yam.”) The way he ate his leafy greens with
only one side of his mouth.

Could the lumbering Bluto have knocked him one too many times in the
head? Or was it internal—say, a brain bleed—out on the high seas without
the care of a certified specialist at hand?

If so it could not have been any worse than Milin’s own experience.
Milin, who is no stranger to brain bleeds, never thought she would ever
need brain surgery until she suddenly could not stop the world from
crashing down around her. Or what she refers to as her “tsunami moment.”

Full story:

Nicki Milin Brain Bleed

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