Sunday, January 27, 2013

Al Gore x 150

A dozen years ago, presidential candidate Al Gore was defeated, crestfallen.  He did a multi-media show called The Inconvenient Truth, became a road warrior, and showed it all over the place. 

He did a lot more, too.  Since then, he turned his fortunes around.


He multiplied his $2 million net worth about 150 times --- into a $300 million fortune.  So says the current TIME magazine.  And more on his financial prowess at Forbes.

Whatever your politics, and how the money was made (he sold his cable TV property to Al Jazeera), you have to call this one amazing comeback.

But not everything along the way was glory to glory.  Remember the famous "kiss" with his dutiful spouse with the spunky name, Tipper?  At the 2000 Democratic National Convention?

Well, he and wife Tipper went separate ways in June 2010;  the media called it a "civilized split."  Tipper is about as far away from Washington, D.C. as you can get and still be in the continental 48.  Reports have it that she is dating a photographer.

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