Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leap of faith

It struck me the other day that the Christian faith may be expressed by this image.

At the behest of our superior, we take a leap, in this case, out of the safety of the plane into rough air.

Some jumpers writhe in fearful agony, all the way down, some relax and enjoy the descent, most go back and forth. And so it is. It's the same trip, either way. We race to the terra firma, to the promised land. Jesus is there holding us, securing us, making certain we don't perish. John 3.16.

The story behind this photo: June 12, 2009, Geo. Bush Sr. celebrates his 85th birthday with a parachute jump, aided and abetted by the US Army's Golden Knights parachute team. Sr. was himself a Navy pilot, and jumped on his 80th, and 75th birthdays, and notably, when his plane was shot down over the vast Pacific in WWII.

Takes a certain courage to do this anytime, especially on one's 85th! Takes a certain courage to believe, any day, and every day. But "God so loved the world...." He said it, and we believe it.

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