Friday, December 7, 2007

YE earns a "10" for comeback info

We came across an interesting web site and blog and thought to share it here: is a treasure chest of wealth including equal parts motivation, inspiration, productivity ideas and nuts and bolts advice for building your business. We daresay the ‘young’ in ‘young entrepreneurs’ is a state of mind, and anyone can profit from the advice contained herein.

Amidst the usual up, up and away fare, which, as the author of “Extraordinary Comebacks: 201 Inspiring Stories of Courage, Triumph, and Success”, we surely believe in, there is some refreshing fare about the “other side” of being an entrepreneur, e.g. how does one keep one’s motivation alive when there are so many compelling diversions strewn about? (See the link to the Rizvi blog, e.g.) YE makes room for these kinds of frank discussions via its links to actual YE blogs.

(That is precisely why I’m presently writing the counterparty to “Extraordinary Comebacks” which is “Extraordinary Comedowns.” Takes two sides to tell the whole story….)

Meanwhile, Entrepreneur University alone is worth the cost of admission (it’s free, just kidding), but YE also features a number of interesting categories.

Only problem: you could spend a lot of time navigating around here, all good time, to be sure, but better to actually get after the job of being an entrepreneur, and plan to consume YE in bite-size doses.

All in all, we give YE a no-holds barred “10!”

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Thank you very much for the kind words about
We look forward to hearing more about Extraordinary Comedowns. Keep in touch!

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