Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Quits piano, comes back as leading light

Music teachers are often more effective at quenching the love of music vis-à-vis stoking the fire. So it was with Gabriela Montero.

CBS News reported the following: "By age 11, Montero was at a crossroads: already a big fish in a small musical pond. Her parents decided to bring her to the United States to study.

"I think they felt it was their responsibility to provide everything they could for me to develop. And that’s what they did," Gabriela says.

"The family settled in Miami, where as a teenager, she was profiled on television. It was a carefree portrait of the artist as a young woman.

"But privately, there was doubt and frustration. Gabriela’s teacher questioned her talent, and belittled her improvising."

She didn't play for two years. She would come to the piano later, however, and most improbably, is now one of the most sought after names on both the classical, and jazz stages. More....................

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